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Mac – OS X 

Installers for R-patched and R-devel are usually available from https://r.research.att.com.

For some older versions of the OS you can in principle (it is little tested) install R from the sources.

It is important that if you use a binary installer package that your OS is fully updated: look at ‘Updates’ from the ‘App Store’ to be sure. (If using XQuartz, check that is current.)

To install, just double-click on the icon of the file you downloaded. At the ‘Installation Type’ stage, note the option to ‘Customize’. This currently shows four components: everyone will need the ‘R Framework’ component: the remaining components are optional. (The ‘Tcl/Tk’ component is needed to use package tcltk. The ‘Texinfo’ component is only needed by those installing source packages.)

This is an Apple Installer package. If you encounter any problem during the installation, please check the Installer log by clicking on the “Window” menu and item “Installer Log”. The full output (select “Show All Log”) is useful for tracking down problems. Note the the installer is clever enough to try to upgrade the last-installed version of the application where you installed it (which may not be where you want this time …).

Various parts of the build require XQuartz to be installed: : see https://xquartz.macosforge.org/. These include the tcltk package and the X11 device: attempting to use these without XQuartz will remind you.

If you update your OS X version, you should re-install R (and perhaps XQuartz): the installer tailors the installation to the current version of the OS.

For building R from source, see OS X.


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