About Us

Federico Zingale

I am the founder and admin of the project. I have a strong passion in science, both pharmaceutical and informatic field. I decide to run again MolecularModelling.org.uk because science is a noble passion and be the head of an ambitious website like this is a challenge that I can’t lose.

Daniela Trogolo

I am a PhD student in computational chemistry, interested in environmental science and academic writing.
I am really glad about contributing to MolecularModelling.org.uk.


Davide Tavella 

I am currently a Ph.D. student in Biochemistry and molecular pharmacology. I am interested in proteins structure and dynamics and so I employ Molecular Modeling and Molecular Dynamics simulations to study biomolecules in large systems. I’m very excited for this opportunity to collaborate to MolecularModelling.org.uk!

Andrea Di Luca

I’m a Ph.D. student in Theoretical and Computational Biochemistry .
It is a great honour to get involved in this project. MolecularModelling rocks!


Clarice Armiento

Passionate of art, photography and design, studies graphics at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome and is an aspiring illustrator.